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Wedding Hairstyles Simple and Beautiful

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wedding hairstyles for long hair down

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when it comes to your bridal look is your wedding hairstyle. Many brides opt for a classic up-do (or even a messy bun if you’re Meghan Marble), but if you prefer to let your hair down in the most literal sense of the term, we’ve got some wedding hairstyle inspiration for you—straight from real brides.

Below, 30 ways to wear your hair down for your wedding, straight from the real brides who went for it. These ladies truly make a strong case for letting your hair down on the big day!

http://wedding hairstyles simple Beautiful

wedding hairstyles for long hair updo

Formal chignon

A basic ponytail becomes a stylish wedding hairstyle when worn low and tousled. Cover the hair tie and leave a few strands loose around your face for an effortless, practical result.  

The perfect updo is often a process of trial and error, which largely depends on personal preference, hair type, maintenance and the overall look you hope to achieve. However, there are a few updo hairstyles that stand the test of time and generally flatter most hair types and face shapes.

One such style is the classic chignon. The chignon bun is more intricate and sophisticated than a regular bun, making it the best updo pick for formal or special occasions.

Simply Blue

Natural texture

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Embrace your natural hair texture on your wedding day and let your strands do their thing — a side part shows off your curls or ringlets while framing your face. 

Combing through all the different wedding hairstyles for long hair to find the perfect style for your own big day can seem like a totally endless process. We get it. When you’ve got luscious, long hair that frankly seems to have a mind of its own, finding that ideal wedding hairstyle is no easy feat.

There are so many wedding hairstyles for long hair to choose from — should you throw it in an elegant chignon, wear it down and flowing around your shoulders, or go for boho-chic braids? The list of wedding hairstyles for long hair seems, for lack of a better word, long.

Plus, there are seemingly countless factors to consider — veil or no veil, gown style, wind speed — when choosing your wedding hairstyle. Not to mention the latest beauty trends you’ll want to heed. It’s enough to make a bride, well, tear out that long, flowing hair.

So, if you’re working with your wedding hairstylist to find THE look for your big day, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best wedding hairstyles for long hair that fit any type of celebration.

Nancy Vestahttp://wedding hairstyles simple Beautifull Bridal Hair

Messy braid

Weave sprigs of fresh lavender into a messy braid for a two-in-one wedding hairstyle: a look that has “garden goddess” written all over it and also smells amazing! 

We have collected the most outstanding wedding updos for long hair. Opt the best variant for your inspiration! Be trendy on your wedding!

Ever wonder how we achieve those intricate Instagram worthy braids everyone loves? Not to worry – in today’s tutorial we will be showing you how to create the perfect Instagram ready braid.

wedding hairstyles for long hair up

Fall in love with these romantic, chic and sleek wedding updos. No matter what your bridal style is, these wedding updos are perfect for every bride.

A ballerina or donut bun (also called a sock bun when there’s, you know, a sock used to style it) is an ideal go-to wedding hairstyle for the no-fuss bride. This ‘do allows you to dance the night away without worrying about your hair coming out or getting in your face.

Longer hair is preferable to achieve the perfect bun — it can be done with a circular foam bun shaper, but your wedding hairstylist probably has their own bag of tricks to make it last! An added bonus of this glamorous ‘do? It’ll make you look a few inches taller, so feel free to ditch the heels.

wedding hairstyles for long hair with veil

We picked up wedding hairstyles with veil for updos and half-down, bun, long and short hair special for you. It is an undisputed symbol of every bride.

Whether you’ve fallen in love with the look of long flowy trusses, Hollywood waves, side swept or a sweetly braided bohemian hairdo, there’s a wedding hairstyle for every bride.

Having long hair certainly has its advantages and the options increase exponentially with a few extra inches of hair. You can be a little more creative and adventurous with your hair but remember, your wedding day isn’t the day for experimentation.  Opt for something that you just know suits you.  You will feel so much more comfortable and you will feel more relaxed on the day.

When it comes to choosing the right hairstyle for you, there’s a few factors to think about. Location/venue, face shape, whether you’ll be wearing a veil, your dress and the neckline on your gown. And most importantly, what feels the most comfortable for you.

For a beach or seaside wedding, pinning sections of your hair back will be handy on windy days to keep the hair off your face.

If you’re looking to wear a veil, consider a half up hairstyle so your veil has a firm foundation to rest in so it won’t fall out. If you feel most comfortable with your hair down and loosely curled, then go for it!

We’ve pulled together our favourite wedding hairstyles for long hair. Wispy hollywood waves, loose curls, half up hairstyles and the chic ponytail. Anything goes on your wedding day and remember, there are no rules.

wedding hairstyles for long hair black

Side Updo Take your hair to new heights with a teased style. An asymmetrical voluminous updo pairs best with an asymmetrically cut dress. Highlights in curly hair look

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