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Wedding Cakes Ideas Simple Cupcake

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Wedding Cakes Ideas Simple Cupcake

wedding cakes ideas

Looking to add even more flavor to your wedding cake? Adding cupcakes to your dessert display is a great way to bring a lot of different flavors together and it’s cost effective. If you have a large guest list and want to cut down on the cake cost, swap in some supplementary desserts and take a tier of two off the cake.

Adding cupcakes into the mix doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the age-old tradition of a wedding cake—you can have both! Customize a small, one-tier cake that can be shared between the newlyweds or opt for a trendy cake that can feed all of your guests and give out the cupcakes as to-go treats. In terms of wedding desserts, couples have a number of different (and delicious!) options.

Cake pops, donuts, and macaroons have all been popular in recent years, but there’s one dessert table mainstay that will never go out of style: wedding cupcakes. If you’re looking for a fun alternative—or addition—to a traditional wedding cake, keep these bite-sized treats in mind. Don’t let their size fool you. Although small, cupcakes really can pack a punch, and most brides and grooms find they offer more benefits than your classic three-tiered wedding cake.

Wedding Cakes Ideas Simple Cupcake

Wedding cakes with cupcakes

One of the things we love most about cupcakes is that these little desserts lend themselves well to personalization. Colorful frostings and ornate decorations make them customizable for your event while the flavor combinations are seemingly endless.

For a classic wedding, have your baker decorate your mini-cakes with intricate fondant flowers. Throwing a modern celebration? Cupcakes still stun with nontraditional additions like edible gold leaf.

While wedding cakes are often defined by their ornate details, cupcakes don’t require a ton of decoration to stand out. Le Dolci created these mini treats for a beachside wedding, and each cupcake was topped with just two green leaves. The tropical foliage popped against white frosting but didn’t require hours and hours of intricate work.

That’s an important thing to remember about cupcakes: Whether they’re decorated with a simple polka-dotted frosting or a sugar flower, they’re amenable to any wedding style. No matter what type of treat you’re looking for, you’ll find your inspiration here.Don’t want to stick to just one flavor? Then offer a variety.

Here, Sweet Haus served a mix of different mini cakes, including both chocolate and vanilla varieties.Love vanilla cupcakes but think they could use a pop of color? This couple asked their baker to top each treat with a vibrant strawberry. Not only were the results beautiful, but they were delicious, too.

If you’re planning a nontraditional event, ask your baker to decorate each cupcake with theme-appropriate details. Sweet Treats made cacti and succulents out of frosting, and the treats were perfect for the couple’s greenhouse wedding.

Wedding Cakes Ideas Simple Cupcake

Wedding cake ideas simple

few years ago, I got really into making fancy cakes. Or at least, I got really into the idea of making fancy cakes. I had a cousin who was sidelining as a semi-pro baker, and I’d watched her work just enough to convince myself I could totally do it. I even made some for an event that APW hosted.

However, after a few epic fails in the kitchen that involved me sobbing into a pile of confectioners’ sugar at three o’clock in the morning, I learned something important: making cakes look pretty versus making cakes tasty and structurally sound (and also pretty) are two totally different beasts. Also I’m officially not allowed to attempt anything more ambitious than Betty Crocker anymore (it’s for my own good).

If you’re DIYing your wedding cake to save money, the best advice I can give you is to make sure that your plan is actually going to save you money. My cake efforts were ambitious, to say the least, and I’m pretty sure I spent more on supplies than I would have if I’d bought a modest yet pretty cake for whatever occasion I was baking for. But, you know, bragging rights.

If you just want to save a few dollars and have a pretty wedding cake, then here’s my advice: buy or make or ask a friend to make an inexpensive (but tasty) small cake, and then decorate the heck out of it. (Assuming you want a wedding cake to begin with. Obviously it is not required.)

Wedding Cakes Ideas Simple Cupcake

wedding cakes decorating ideas

The best part? If you do a small cake for a symbolic cutting, then you can feed your guests tasty sheet cake and no one will be any the wiser. So with that, here are fifteen wedding cake ideas that give small cakes a big dose of pretty:2. Or if you’re not planning on serving your cake (that’s what sheet cake is for, right?) you can always ask whoever is helping with your flowers (which could be… yourself) to make a little something extra just for the top, like the above.

My biggest pet peeve when making a cake (and frankly, one of my biggest kitchen pet peeves of all time) is running out of icing midway through cake assembly or decoration. Ugh! It’s the worst! Do yourself a favor and make a little more than you think you’ll need. No one was ever sorry they had extra frosting leftover (especially if there are also cake scraps lying around, am I right?).Part of what makes wedding cake tiers so impressive is height. But that height doesn’t necessarily have to come from five tiers stacked tall. Even a cake with only two tiers can look super impressive (and it’s so much easier to handle!) if they’re tall enough. I usually opt for 6 layers of cake, which gives each individual tier a really nice height. To do this, I usually bake three cakes in each size I want, level off the tops, then cut each into two layers.The taller the cake, the more you need supports. This is true of tall tiers as well as tall stacks of tiers! I love Rose Levy Beranbaum’s tip of using drinking straws as supports in cakes. Not only do they work great, but they’re also easy to cut to the right size, plus you probably already have them at home!Insert one straw into the center of the cake, then press additional straws in a circle around it.

You want to have as many supports as you can without them being visible once the next tier is on top. You don’t have to add supports to the top tier, but you can! Press the straws in as deep as you can, then lift it up a bit and snip the excess off with scissors, then nudge it back down.

Use Cake Circles.
Buy the same size as the cake pans you’ll use. Not only do the circles support the cake, but they also make it much easier to stack the tiers when the time comes. You’ll be glad you did!I’m pretty anti-fondant (gasp!?!) and I say skip it all together. For one, the stuff you can buy in cake supply stores isn’t as easy to work with as the stuff professionals use (it can be kind of dry, I find), plus it takes a skilled hand and some practice to nail it.

But my main issues are: It’s expensive and it doesn’t taste good! I would much rather spend that money on high-quality chocolate to make a really delicious buttercream instead of something that most people are just going to peel off anyway.

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