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Wedding Cake on Stands

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Wedding Cake on Stands

Wedding Cake with Stands

When it comes to the list of things to buy for your wedding day, there can be a few items that can easily be overlooked until the last minute. One of those items is the cake stand.

Your cake designer might offer a cake stand rental for the big day, but that doesn’t always mean they will have a huge selection of cake stands from which to choose.

Many wedding cakes are pieces of art to be admired. Cake artists put a lot of time and effort into crafting your cake, and you may have put a good sum of your budget towards it as well. Make sure you give the cake a perfect stage to preform.

With that in mind, below is my list of cake stands that fit many different styles of weddings. Go ahead an try to choose just one of these beautiful cake platter to show off your wedding cake!

Wedding Cake on stands

Round Cake Stand by Mosser Glass
Sometimes less if more. If all you want is a basic cake stand that lets the wedding cake do all the talking, a simple pedestal cake stand is a beautiful choice. Read more about why a simple wedding cake design may be the right cake for your wedding here.

Handmade by one of the leading glass makers in the US — Mosser Glass.

Mosser Glass round cake stand 10 inch
Mosser Glass 10″ Cake Stand
Love that it is made in the USA. A beautiful, heavy, and classic cake stand for you to display your wonderful baking creations.

A jade color is a great way to display your treats. As with the white Mosser cake stand, there is a small rim on the edge of the stand to catch the crumbs.

Wedding Cake on Stands

Wedding Cake on anniversary

heck out these pics from real wedding that use Mosser cake stands!

Mosser round white cake stand
Mosser small white round cake stand
yellow Mosser cake stand
white cake on Mosser stand
Denmark Tools for Cooks.

Porcelain Square Cake Stand
Denmark White Porcelain Cake Plate
Elegant curves and a smooth glossy textured finished provides a timeless look. A chip resistant white base to rest your scrumptious cake creation upon!

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square two tier cake on square white cake stand
Elegant Wedding Cake Stand

3) Silver Round Cake Stand
by GiftBay Creations

Giftbay Creations 16 inch Round Cake Stand
Giftbay Creations Cake Stand
We witness these elegant silver wedding cake stands over and over again here on the wedding blog. It is easy to see why – they are simply gorgeous and make a beautiful keepsake.

Wedding Cakes on pinterest

5) Silver Square Wedding Cake Stand
Real wedding examples below to give you an idea about how this platter enhances either a round tiered cake or a tiered square cake.

4-tier white wedding cake on square cake stand
burgundy cake on square stand
Giftbay Creations 16×16 Silver Square Cake Stand
16-Inch Square Cake Stand
Another wonderful cake stand from Giftbay Creations. This ornate square silver cake platter is for those who like to mix it up a bit by marrying round cake with square platter. The textured design makes the stand classy and the legs add an extra element of design.

vintage style turquoise cake stand
vintage style cake stand with crystals
Round Cupcake Stands Dessert Display Stand with Pendants and Bead
Round Cake Stands with Pendants and Beads

A set of 3 round gold cake stands to accentuate several different wedding styles – an elegant wedding, a vintage tea party, or a whimsical soiree, just to name a few.

If you are planning on having multiple flavored cakes at your reception, a good way to show guests the different flavors is to display them using a re-writable cake sign.
Read More: Guide to Wedding Cake Styles, Shapes and Icing
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Wedding Cake on Stands

wedding cake stands rustic

Tradition: The tradition of smashing the first bite of cake in each other’s faces has gained popularity in more recent years, and everyone has their own take on it. It’s completely optional, but it can be a great time for you and your partner to be silly and playful after a long day of formality—and don’t forget about the adorable photo op.

Tip: If you don’t want to risk staining your attire or makeup with crumbs and frosting, maybe leave this tradition out. But if you’re both game, have a few extra napkins on hand and prepare to get messy.

Tradition: The custom of adding gold or silver charms into a cake is usually reserved for bridal showers, but you can also make it a sweet tradition at the reception. Each charm baked into the cake carries special meaning, and a different kind of luck will fall on the guest who receives it.

For example, a rocking chair ensures a long, happy life, and an anchor or airplane symbolizes a fun adventure is in the near future.

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